He`eia Agricultural District – H.B. 389
Mahalo to Reps. Ken Ito, Sharon Har, Jerry Chang, Calvin Say, Marcus Oshiro; Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz; and Gov. Neil Abercrombie for their support of passage and signing into law this legislation, which would facilitate the restoration of the He`eia wetlands for the lo`i kalo project on which our club is partnering with Kako`o `Oiwi.  The project, Mahuahua Ai o Hoi, will produce food, cultural, educational and economic benefits for our community. The measure was signed by the governor on Friday, July 8th, in Executive Chambers at the State Capitol.  Mahalo also to Charlie Toguchi for his kokua.

Wailele o Ko`olau Project
This project, promoted by Richard Takase on behalf of the landowners, involves developing hundreds of homes and carving up rich agricultural lands and cultural sites in the Luluku (Banana-patch) area on both sides of Likelike Highway.  The housing development would take place alongside Luluku Road near the entrance to Ho`omaluhia Park.  Our civic club is gravely concerned and will be submitting our comments soon to the powers-that-be.

O`ahu General Plan Revisions
Members of our civic club attended a recent meeting held by the City’s Planning & Permitting Department, at which the public was invited to submit comments on proposed revisions to the City’s general plan.  Ko`olaupoko residents and community leaders were heavily involved in providing input on the general plan when it underwent its last major overhaul in 1977.  Our primary emphasis was that new growth should be directed toward the Ewa area, where the sugar plantations were being phased out; and that the Windward coast should remain relatively unchanged except for small, natural growth where appropriate.  The purpose of this approach was to preserve agricultural, cultural and natural resources that are prevalent throughout Ko`olaupoko and Ko`olauloa – Windward O`ahu.  This remains our concern today.  Windward residents should be aware that new developments proposed for Kane`ohe, La`ie and Kahuku may affect the future of the Windward side.  A major new subdivision in Kane`ohe (Wailele o Ko`olau), a complex/multi-purpose development at La`ie proposed by the Mormon Church, and expansion of the Turtle Bay Resort at Kahuku are likely to increase pressure for development all along the Windward coast.  Widening of Kamehameha Highway – which would be preceded by the widening of Kahekili Highway – are the red flags that can alert Windward residents as to what government planners may be contemplating.  We need to maka`ala…and be prepared.

Ahu o Laka
Kudos and mahalo to William Aila and the Department of Land & Natural Resources for adopting and enforcing new rules governing Ahu o Laka during 3-day weekends.  The Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club is grateful that the state is doing what it can to restore dignity and harmony to this important wahi kapu in Kane`ohe bay.

Scholarship Recipients for 2011
Congratultions to our scholarship recipients for 2011!  They were honored recently by our civic club during presentations at our July 5th general meeting.  Keynote speaker for the presentations was our esteemed Councilmember Ernie Martin, who delivered an inspiring speech for the scholars and for our members.  This year’s awards went to:  Charles Amoy, Ihilani Cummings, Starla Frost, Sharmayne Kamaka and Brittney Like.

Posted on July 10, 2011:

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