Naonealaʻa Community Park – Formerly known as Kāneʻohe Community Park, the club helped to properly name this area and is working to install a storyboard sharing the significant historical events that took place there.

Talk-Story Koʻolaupoko – The club social media committee is collecting stories of koʻolaupoko! These stories are meant to be small video blurbs that can be shared. Stories include Hawaiian moʻolelo from our moku, experiences growing up in the area, memories of times past, and family stories.

Stewardship of Heʻeia Wet Lands – The club is supportive in returning to productivity the lands of Hoi, ahupuaʻa of Heʻeia (mauka of the long bridge off Kamehameha Highway). We have partnered with Kakoʻo ʻŌiwi to support them in their work.

National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERRS)  – Along with other community partners, the club serves as cultural consultants for the NERRS site in Heʻeia. NERRS is a network of 29 estuarine areas—places where freshwater from the land mixes with saltwater from the sea—established across the nation for long-term research, education, and coastal stewardship. The mission of the reserves is to practice and promote coastal and estuarine stewardship through innovative research and education, using a system of protected areas. In this case, the Heʻeia reserve is the first of its kind to integrate native knowledge into its program.

Haʻiku Valley Cultural Access – The club has long fought for the proper management of Haiku Valley. Members and community groups are lead on a monthly service visit to the valley by club members where they learn about the significance of the area while assisting in the upkeep and care of Kanehekili heiau and nearby gardens.

Kawaʻewaʻe Heiau Cultural Preserve – The club is passionate about the preservation of Kawa’ewa’e Heiau and is actively providing feedback and guidance to Hawaii Memorial Park (land owner) to establish a protected cultural preserve at the heiau site.

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