The Koʻolaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club was first established in August, 1937, by a group of kamaʻāina residents in the Kāneʻohe area. It became chartered with the State Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs at the Association’s first annual convention in 1959. 

Among its founding members were Kumu Hula Kauʻi Zuttermeister, George Keʻehukulani Cypher, George Houghtailing, Johnny Townsend, Isaac Kanakanui, and Solomon Halualani. In the early years membership numbered in the thousands and according to some club elders, members came from far as Makapuʻu and Waimea Bay.

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Convention Book - 1961-25_1 copyToday, the Civic Club continues its effort to support the culture and heritage of Native Hawaiians through its educational and service programs, community outreach, volunteer and civic work, and participation in the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs.

Membership is open to all Native Hawaiians and to those who are “Hawaiian at heart”.  A “Hawaiian at heart” is defined as someone of non-Hawaiian ancestry who loves our islands and culture. 

Monthly membership meetings are held every 1st tuesday of the month with other activities and events throughout the year (see our event calendar). Activities include field trips and outings to cultural sites, workshops, informational and educational meetings, participation in various community events, service projects, picnics, social gatherings, and the monitoring of and advocating for legislative measures that benefit (or hurt) Native Hawaiians and our Koʻolaupoko community. Membership fees are due annually at the beginning of the year.

Two of the largest events for the club include our yearly benefit & luncheon and the annual convention of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs.


koolaupoko ohana-2
Members (L-R) Mahealani Cypher, Harriet DeCosta, Alice Hewett, Teri Loo, & Clifford Loo


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