Current Major Projects of the Koʻolaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club

Stewardship of Heʻeia Wet Lands – The club is supportive in returning to productivity the lands of Hoi, ahupuaʻa of Heʻeia (mauka of the long bridge off Kamehameha Highway). Efforts in clearing alien vegetation, repairing environmental damage to the land and water, restoring the kalo (taro) fields and planting of other crops, and construction of a poi factory and community center have been ongoing. We encourage the community to be part of the restoration and stewardship of this area. Volunteers are needed to help clear the alien vegetation weekly and plant crops.
Contact: Kanekoa Kukea-Shultz
(808) 741-3403 or

Haʻiku Valley Cultural Access – The club advocates for the care and proper management of Haʻiku Valley, a place of historic and cultural value. Volunteers are needed in maintaining heiau and lapaau gardens in the valley by removing alien vegetation and litter and to come and learn about the significance of this wahi kapu.
Contact: Mahealani Cypher
(808) 235-8111

Kawaʻewaʻe Heiau Cultural Preserve – The club is passionate about the preservation of Kawa’ewa’e Heiau and is actively providing feedback and guidance to Hawaii Memorial Park (land owner) to establish a protected cultural preserve at the heiau site. Volunteers are needed to assist in organizing a collaborative maintenance hui for the site, which is located on the ridge above Castle High School to control alien vegetation. We ask any community members with story and history on Kawaʻewaʻe Heiau to assist in cultural guidance.
Contact: Mahealani Cypher
(808) 235-8111

Heʻeia National Estuarine Research Reserve (NEERS)
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2020 KPHCC Legislative Priorities – Before every legislative session (Jan-April), the civic club meets with various representatives to discuss issues of importance in the Koʻolaupoko area that we feel need addressing per feedback from our members and the community.  See the link below for our latest legislative priorities.
Legislative Priorities 2020